black asymmetric skirt

This winter, the asymmetries change direction: no more coins with a left side longer than the right side (and vice versa), now the trend is the difference in level between the front and back of a garment, to the like the neo-urban train micro skirts.

If in 2009, the dresses designed by Olivier Theyskens - stripping the knee and the back displays a generous film of fabric - remained confined to the red carpet, they stripped down version is nonetheless becoming one of the must have of the fall/winter 2011-2012.

Stealing the spotlight from the maxi skirts and other skirts translucent noon, these conceptual models to asymmetric wear a look that is both modern and hybrid (between immodesty and chaste elegance), with about renewing the notion of sexiness.

And if at first this style of play remained the preserve of labels such as ACNE, Givenchy or Alexander Wang, their plebiscite in the last fashion weeks has apparently enough to convince Zara and others to make one of highlights of the season. Display draws a minimalist chic, these neo-skirts and should soon be investing in the dressing fashionistas.

We will not hesitate to take advantage of the advent of this new game length to dare to finally pencil skirts (they suddenly become more portable) and other mini-skirts (which appear less risky once lengthened a few inches to back).

Be careful though: if this gimmick on them often proves desirable, it is not the same length for the duo knee / ankle. Lacking slightly spicy, it does not seem able to boost as it should be our silhouette.