womens boyfriend jean shorts 2011 - 2012

If you have thought initially isolated in a fad does not lend to a result, the recent appearance of Kate Bosworth - coolista edgy if any - in denim bermuda format "baggy" could change that and make this curiosity of a fashion "it" next spring.

When in full fashion week in Paris, Garance Doré wore a jean - certainly piqued her man - cut into shorts xxl mode, we say that the pretty photographer was not designed by her best DIY. Flowered shirt and Mulberry Tigger had indeed perfectly good anchor in the heart of mix and match the trend of the moment, the appearance of that loose bermuda had nevertheless enough to leave little doubt.

Yes but now, when a few days later they saw the actress Kate Bosworth - just back from Paris Fashion Week - wear a bermuda boyfriend happily Destroyed, it was found that the one that recently SHOOTA lookbook Chloe may have finally hit just with his oversize shorts.

To successfully gain will be stylish, they will however take care to shun street parts to other more popular - and sometimes country, sometimes ultra chic - and avoid wearing flat (unless the chance to be paired with legs gazelles).
In practice, those who - like Kate Bosworth - choose to associate it with a basic top and a large shirt liberty can opt for boots perched high but roots as well as a pair of glasses that more women 'Unisex (to give him a sharp dimension boho). Others will not hesitate about it to marry at the pumps in the minds of Miu Miu glitter licorice, and a thin black belt varnished, a denim shirt and a black cropped sweater, or an orange blouse bright and a pair of mules Rag & Bone.

Not necessarily insurmountable, the bermuda boyfriend should be able to find its place in the heart of spring dressing. Provided you remember to thwart nature "bad boy" with a heavy dose of girliness pointed, not to choose too large and to add that kind of sweets shoesesques.