Army jackets for Kate Bosworth

Trendy boho looks familiar, actress Kate Bosworth has a knack for usually wear simple outfits and fresh, which make it also one of the "it" girls most popular with fashionistas. It must be said that calling moult ultra basic parts in the heart of his coat scratched, the mischievous young woman manages to make it both accessible and highly desirable.

With the arrival of sunny days, Kate Bosworth did not hesitate to come and warm his delicate spring dresses with a boyish army jacket, thus legitimizing "officially" the use of this piece for casual play down a bit girly trends of season.

Indeed, they are brought in duet with a maddening and Dolce & Gabbana creation micro or small print dress, jackets olive Miss Bosworth prove conducive to both appease looks sexy as hell to give a little spice the blue flower ornaments.

That said, this season, the jacket army has not provided is intended to blend into a total look casual. Those who, unlike Kate Bosworth, will just associate it with a few basic outfits will have every chance to make a flop, as we prove in fact the usually very inspired Diane Kruger.

Whether from an army surplus or healthy Topshop, army jackets will have to sulk mini tube dresses and other stories held without the benefit of a little more popular pieces, creating a delightful contrast of genres. The cotton khaki and will work to flirt with sensual lace ivory, patchworks of liberty to Versus, the hook rehabilitated by D & G or geometric graphics Etro.

Finally, for all those who can not consider that jacket in casual fashion, all striped sweater/jacket, army/flared 'seventies would prove to be a good compromise between trendiness and casualness.