The skirt Givenchy Carine Roitfeld

While in normal times, move in the world of fashion needs to have an impeccable style as UPS-to-date, during parades, socialites, buyers and journalists generally grow the exercise to the extreme by into true control freaks of the look. A phenomenon that has not prevented Carine Roitfeld to display twice the same skirt Givenchy.

If the common man, wearing the same clothes several times seems obvious, it is quite different in the fashion world, and this especially between September 8 and October 5 (see the whole period the intelligentsia hype converge on the main strongholds of fashion).

For four weeks, Taylor Tomasi and others must be the effect of dream streetstylers with rifle looks removed to meet via some brands must have felt well and develop their image through a series of faultless style. Some, like Poppy Delevigne and Anna Dello Russo, will even change the toilet several times a day ...

In other words, the development of clothing worn during this marathon fashion can not be improvised. For if it is tacitly allowed to fall in love lasting one or more accessories (one thinks particularly of fedora Marina Munoz, the Alexander Wang shoes to Hanneli Mustaparta or the bag Boy by Caroline Sieber), out of the question shooter be repeated with the same clothing designer, and even more so when one is one of the major icons of the medium.

Emblematic figure of the fashion world, the former editor of Vogue Paris recently, however, has not hesitated to slip twice in the same skirt, Givenchy, and what not to go to such and such appointment informal, but well to attend two of the most popular shows this month of fashion shows: Alexander Wang and Gucci.

Far from harming him, dress up this choice once again the rash Carine Roitfeld above the fray. Why did she help to bring this effect signed by the creation of the protected Riccardo Tisci, while the latter perfectly suited to his style dark and he draws a perfect line?

With its newfound freedom and the unanimous plebiscite of the profession, one that has always screamed loud and his "hatred" for handbags continues to shake up the unwritten rules of the environment. So much for the ayatollahs and other streetstylers style.