Trend fashion week 2010-2011

After blowing - for almost a month - the wind of madness in the world of fashion, presentation autumn / winter 2010-2011 is completed, leaving the fashion editors and fashionistas rich new inspiration. Along the way their style, it also has delivered some of the strength required to do so immediately shook our clothes.

A. Max Mara Spirit
During the last parade, clear coats on display, offering protection to women and speed. Between parka and fur coats are still in Max Mara - combines broad shoulders and masculine accents - the spotlight, as well as on the catwalk around the show. We live so many women opt for long coat 3/4, which was successful in 80.

If in most cases, they chose beige (to stick to the dictates of the time), on the other dared forest green, navy blue or gray chiné. Indeed, no matter the color, the cutting of these timeless coats enough to enroll in the minimalist chic so 2010-2011. We just think the leather belt, to give them the necessary twist to their hypitude fashion.

color 2011Khaki and beige
Between beige and khaki, liver balance fashionista. It is true that the two colors was never recognized in the collection, eating at the same time we desire revival army obsessive and delicate neo-classical. No wonder that the fashionistas have been consumed without restraint and khaki beige on the last fashion week.

It has seen the top models out their olive parka (to "rootsiser" their heels 15 cm), others focus on the frac-inspired Balmain (in the "de-formalizing" to blow cotton jersey gray), while the most advanced wore already - in light khaki version - the future must have the winter of 2011: the cropped jacket.

Hidden within this amazing color bland, beige has in turn attract massive socialites and other. To do this, MIXA with strong pigments, component then looks ultra contemporary powdered or infused its sweetness (think this particular biker jacket signed Celine mind that, when combined with a denim shirt, wrote one of the duets shock street style this season).

In addition, we note that the popularity currently enjoyed by simple cuts enables ultra sleek beige coats to find themselves also on the wish-list of any trend-setter self-respecting

Overlays Casual

Seen mainly in Rag & Bone, dress code "Extreme Cold" - which is a layer to put clothes, without the air of the mille-feuille shabby - quickly go to school on the road. The idea is to increase the volume of the accumulation of skilled diverse and varied, but the color also complements to write coherent and harmonious.
It is precisely here that cropped jackets that peppered many of the collections fall / winter 2010-2011 make sense. These are indeed called to be worn as a duo on a trench coat, jacket or even a maximum in an animal skin sleeveless.

D. A Touch of Blue

If we believe the recent events Celine, navy blue reportedly close behind two challengers then, the khaki and beige. However, judging from the color of the jacket Balmain, Emmanuelle Alt, doubts are not allowed: navy blue out of the emergency.

We imagine then either become a color mixing mentioned above, but also played a neat utility-on skirt or mastic joint parade A highlight several pieces.