The platinum blonde is back

The platinum blond lately knows a real resurgence of interest with the fashion gent. If there is still not so long ago, actresses passing from brown to blond strove that last appears as natural as possible, it seems that this requirement is currently out of fashion. Now, do not hesitate nice indeed more to turn to a platinum blonde that would not deny Madonna 90s. Sweeping a backhand vulgar connotation strand of this kind of fading, they claim loudly the right to freedom of capillary expression.

The platinum blonde style is back

Thus the wise Anne Hathaway created the event at the last ball of the Met appearing blonde per oxidized, Saskia de Brauw twista the Versace Fall / Winter 2013-2014 campaign by wearing a blond chemical (it n ' has also still not left) qu'Aymeline Valade marched blonde Mattel in the latest collection Prada man and pretty May blog Superbytimai exchanged his Asian brown against a blond doll.

He affixes an ultra short haircut (Anne Hathaway / Saskia de Brauw ) or naturally dark hair ( Aymeline Vallade / May Hua ), the new generation blond has very little to do with that of the nice vase 50s.

By opting for a politically incorrect discoloration, these young women are able indeed to release the stereotype of vaguely tasteless smooth blond and take power both on themselves and on others. Admittedly difficult not to be fascinated by the blonde Kurt Cobain Mai Hua or the blond boy Saskia de Brauw .

In 2014, time seems to be more than ever the initiation fading...