fashion skirt trend Spring/Summer 2011

Mad Men much less this winter, the skirt reaching mid-calf is more this season's skirt dance part retro little easier to bear. Featuring ultra fluid materials - sometimes transparent - and often pastel shades (or powdered), these skirts with romantic charm and scale seventies want to be more feminine than ever.
  • When Hannah Mac Gibbon transposes the dancers kept out of the Paris Opera in his collection, unfortunately she forgets to make them mutate into the most stylish ensembles that "copied and pasted." In other words, if the trio leotard / tulle fluid / ballerinas obviously has a certain charm, the proposal that is made by Chloe is too down-to-earth to be taken seriously.
  • Derek Lam, the petticoat is losing its first degree by wearing a pleated valuable (which would also not denied Issey Miyake). Worked a total look white top displaying modest transparencies, all zen and then wants sporty, elegant without borders.
  • Daring of crisp color combinations, the required fluid Fendi celebrates both the romantic and joyful bohemian seventies. By partnering with a mandarin orange surrounded by a touch of red, beige powder with a petticoat touching the birth of the calf thus gains in vivacity and modernity.
If transparencies Chloe will probably confined to the red carpet, the fluid skirt length noon, sometimes folded, sometimes colored, will be consumed without moderation from the arrival of spring.

Tomboy shirt
The boyish looking permeating many of the "it" silhouette of the season, there is nothing surprising to see one of the basic menswear revisited every angle: the wise white shirt has become a pretext for multiple interpretations of style.
  • With Nicolas Ghesquière (Balenciaga), said liner is transformed into couture piece for bad girl. Mixing of metal-tipped collar - borrowed from the punk movement - and ergonomics chic (inherent in the tuxedo jacket), it turns into a hybrid model sophistication rebel.
  • For Dries Van Noten is through the oversize format of the classic white shirt evolves into an effortless style, both elegant and nonchalant. To do this, the designer transforms it into simple liquette which boosts the flavor neutral through a skirt, fantastic puzzle component and a neo-chic of the most convincing.
  • At the American Ralph Lauren, if the white shirt is also intended XXL is in a more "Wild West". Mutating into cotton dress, the model is seen in Saddle amérindianisé effect through a fringed leather jacket and some jewelry sioux.
Rock chic, classic or frankly bohemian: the white shirt in the summer of 2011 excels in all styles. Therefore, we do not sulk this timeless piece, cleverly accessorised, generate some looks both sharp and clear.

Oversize pants
Again, we will not announce the death of the slim, it has inevitably incorporated the basic family. However, the arrival of spring could coincide with the return of trousers much more respectful of our blood.
  • At Paul Smith, wide trousers and masculine and feminine silhouettes invest. In order to gain DNA chic, they are given the opportunity to shortcut a dozen centimeters, while giving to those who succumb to flirting with a look a tomboy elegance finely revisited. Topped with a translucent sweater half slipped into the belt and worn with a pair of derbies, the pants off seen by Paul Smith could then proceed without difficulty in our home closets, for an indefinite period.
  • Extra fluids and just go down to the hips, men's trousers designed by Phoebe Philo look so cozy that we already want to adopt long-term. Their sportswear draws also avoids too serious to make the silhouette Celine by providing a healthy dose of nonchalance, ideal to counterbalance the severity of his sexy leather top.
  • More familiar noble fabrics of denim fabric, Dries Van Noten has nevertheless succumbed to the charm of casual jeans. For the coming summer, there size and wide trousers, sometimes raw, sometimes white, then it takes a malicious pleasure in chiciser with rifle mini glitter sleeves and jackets.
If one were to choose just one, is certainly to the models Dries Van Noten, wide, long and just tall that it would turn, as they seem comfortable and holders of a thousand and one possible stylistic. It also notes that Paul Smith short pants on the ankle will be reserved for more slender of us.

Kimono jacket
If borrowings are many Asian universe this season, it will not necessarily easy to mix them with style and measure its dressing western. It is not in effect, under the pretext of wanting to please Marc Jacobs, to become china girl nights in Tokyo, or even to adopt the outline of the geishas of old tribute to Haider Ackermann ... However, when the loan-to-wear reasserts itself by eliminating the folklore of certain parts, sometimes an exotic element to take a patina almost casual.
  • At Alexander Wang, the kimono jacket that was used to seeing on the shoulders of Karate is thus subtly transformed. For if it retains its traditional look and the famous obi (belt used to tie it), the fact of him affix pockets like a Saharan gives a modern draws away from the cliché.
  • At Céline, Philo takes the padding often found on the edges of jackets and kimonos away, so he was treated as ornament. It also offers a contemporary touch to this sleeveless néo-veste/tunique by opening his side through two long zips.
In the end, Wang and Philo both to reach into the closet of a kimono remastered city, may renew a Zen note the composition of their favorite looks.