The cat-eye glasses

The fashionistas have built in vain to the rank of timeless Aviators Wayfarers and Ray-Ban by adopting long-term, they may make some of their regular infidelities. This season is well on the famous cat-eye glasses that some set their heart.

Already seen in August 2010 on the nose of starlets, glasses evoking the sophistication of fifties pin-up this year have been converted into a real must have. It is true that the tsunami-tide Mad Men, many were the claws to provide models for mounts stretched evoking the glamorous and chic vintage series of bankable Matthew Weiner. Yes but now, with this kind of design references clearly retro hard not to look more lookée disguised as.

Examples include Dita Von Teese at the last Coachella festival: wearing a pair of cat-eye glasses extravagant, the young woman seemed straight out of a retrospective of 50 years. It must be said that by choosing to associate it with a holding back, the stripper could only make the whole caricature.

However, in recent fashion weeks, some young women began leading us prove that the cat-eye glasses could - with a little taste - well come and register in the dress code in 2011.

We just have to choose them in shades mat that pepsy (a natural horn frame associated with tonal lenses and will prove ideal for providing the right amount of retro twist to an outfit minimalist) to marry them to neo-classical attire and avoid multiple references fifties.

It will also possible to opt for an original model for Von Teese, on the condition of neglecting the pin-up look in favor of keeping the spirit of rockabilly accents Ruby Aldridge.

Finally, we note that the trend is not limited to solar, as many houses - like Cutler & Gross - to propose models for cat-eye. We then opt for a model barely stretched DNA subtly retro, one could easily adapt to a casual chic wardrobe.