The women red shorts

Are to believe the show Spring/Summer 2011 Isabel Marant, the latest must-have for summer shorts would be a small model Destroyed slightly pink. It was at least what we thought before seeing a few models out for a good fit in a short red just as his counterpart coolissime marantien.

Presented in October and available in stores in February, the spring/summer collections are usually more taste for novelty When arrives the summer: those we had nine months earlier as the future "it" in season appear then often somewhat dated.

Seen again and again in April on the fashionistas at the Coachella festival, then photographed moult both Kate Bosworth (Marant's Addiction before the Lord), the light pink mini shorts Isabel Marant has gradually lost its fashion appeal and even before the ordinary fashionista has had an opportunity to try it ...

Fortunately for them, some protagonists of the fashion world have a knack for offering alternatives to regular sound must have in the process of normalization. At the last festival organized around hype man and couture fashion shows, and one could see the sheer Svea Kloosterhof and pretty redhead Julia Johansen not wear the famous short Marant but a frayed red model with the highly addictive fresh roots .

It is brought in effortless fashion - a sudden T-shirt and boots worn loose - or on a more rock-smart (via a white blouse with bib and a pair of brogues carbon), it manages to short poppy red fully in line with the times, while maintaining a degree of independence vis-à-vis the dictates trendy at the moment.

It would be wrong not to follow the lead of these young models, either by going for a walk in the direction of J Brand jeans or sacrificing cherry would in any case not renewed in September.