colour Trends for Spring/Summer 2011

If white has always been familiar with the summer, it works this season a real bid for the looks spring/summer. Seeing treated in all styles, the monochrome virginal has indeed never been acclaimed: Alexander Wang sportswear romantic Dolce Gabbanien through the Calvin Klein minimalism, the total looks bright are legion...

Total look white fluorescent vs addict

At Chloe, Hannah MacGibbon is engaged in the blank with freshness and simplicity. And if his figures are nothing extraordinary or even really striking, however, they have the merit of giving to those who slip them a clean look without risk.

In parallel with this trend "White Clinic," a wave of blinding colors swept the podium, as if the creators decided to happily swap their pens against a Pantone stabilo pouch in order to color their neo-rooms. However, if the neon starts this season comeback, not to raise the profile of Fluokids, but to convert to thirty BCBG joyful radiance (which is meant here deliberately chic).

Christopher Kane and not hesitate to use it on all-over suits inspired by the wardrobe of Princess Margaret herself. In a touch of madness punkisante, surprising and great to aristocratic classicism held a bit retrograde fluorescent offered the new DNA in a few passages.

Rose vs orange

Light, barbie, pastel or deliberately pungent, pink is one of the colors of the season on which the fans of monochrome or color-toilet block can not ignore. It comes as either monochrome ultra strong materials, or in combination with shades past, forming shades of powder to smooth bourgeois. Whether soft or bright pink wins by maturity, a time forgotten the wardrobe girls to come and venture into the dressing of their mothers, and that with enough spirit to be highly fashionable, almost glamorous.

    Sonia Rykiel, pink cotton candy mix of genres played brilliantly by marrying a male costume oversize: neither too strong nor too removed, it is ideal for the woman's boyish draws a toilet. Once associated with a watered-down shirt, cappuccino, that color will even take the appearance of a hue perfectly chic spring and intensely cold.

More aggressive and much less accessible, the orange colorama cannibalize the season, imposing its luster without compromising on many podiums. More familiar uniforms trucks - and the Halloween period - as Ready-to-wear shade carrot will construct a real policy of seduction if it is to take to the streets. But the creators did not seek to transform the orange pumpkin orange salmon, it will be to parts 100% orange juice as the fashionistas who want to honor the "it" color of the summer will turn ...

    With Miuccia Prada, the orange is worn with panache and confidence. For the Italian Madonna, it is certainly not because of the skate, but rather to boost its natural vitamins by adding to it other equally saturated colors such as purple.

Both tonic and destabilizing, the orange of the season will swim its vitality unconventional pieces of classical needing a little imagination. As for the pink, we adopt without hesitation.