fashion printed trends Spring/Summer 2011

Liberty to print and impulsive unifying successor floral graphics no longer have much to do with the flowers dear to Laura Ashley. This season, it is indeed a flood of opulent flowers having finished with the formats "Microcosmos" trying to intoxicate its heady scents of the summer visitors in 2011.
  • At Erdem, citations folk are not far away: crowns of braids and petals glowing toilets are in fact strongly suggests the Slavic costumes. However, with finesse and poetry, Moralioglu succeeds in making his creations bucolic subtly delicate: declining flowers in different sizes, he manages to conjure the tapestry effect, giving her a light floral prints worthy of "Poppies" by Monet.
  • Under the direction mischievous duo D & G, Max flowers do not seek to be discrete, or disseminate any through evanescent, but rather to participate in the great mass euphoric as Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce decided to give in honor the arrival of spring. As much of Snow White in the land of fashion, silhouettes then followed with a certain naivety imprint of sexiness, which is expected to fly as well as magazines from the golden youth.
  • Chanel, the advent of the flower allows oversize Karl Lagerfeld celebrate the camellias of the rue Cambon. However, broken down in dark shades and all-over on a toilet rock / ethnic / chic, they too lack of freshness in order to enroll in a summer wardrobe.
Finally, we note that the flowers this summer will give way to floral compositions invariably preferring to purple petunia.

land animals
As tired by too rigorous bathed with the latest fashion weeks, some houses have deliberately injected a massive dose of fantasy to their collection, turning them into a playground for some imaginary menagerie. Popular with claws in vogue, this trend does seem determined to bring up to date on animal sketches.
  • In Giles, we always liked to combine childish fantasies and sexy wardrobe, not surprising then, that Giles Deacon infatuated trend "animo" of the moment. However, by treating it in cartoon mode on a sweater fluorescent micro skirt combined with a translucent, the English designer manages to make everything attractive to the point of forget the character 100% teenage graphics used.
  • At Marc Jacobs Miu Miu at home, the drawings are intended to be more traditional. The coat and Louis Vuitton hosts a zebra seems to have been designed by a great animal painter, while for their part, the swans of Miuccia Prada echo the heyday of Art Deco. In other words, it appears that the two oracles of fashion such as Jacobs and Prada want to convince us of the seriousness of their sudden infatuation with the animal world.
Random, this trend is a priori restricted to bolder. Nevertheless, we can still try it - without taking any financial risk - appears by his old T-shirts stamped with a panda or a galloping horse, we will mix either looks at a little bourgeois, or casual chic outfits.

stripes addict
The success of the sailor seems to have wanted to develop the famous designers whose stripes fashionistas are so fond. For summer 2011, the vertical and horizontal lines have thus been particular attention, to renew the genre with wit.
  • In deciding to scratch one of the cornerstones of its latest spring/summer collection, Miuccia Prada has rendered service to the other claws. It is true that when Madonna becomes infatuated with an Italian theme, it is often difficult to surpass its counterparts in creativity ... Mixing stripes, graphics and atmosphere rococo 1920, his work better than any other boosts the aura of the scratch.
  • At Jil Sander, oversize format of the scratch Navy leads the way forward for more conceptual, while standing away from the cliché of the sailor.
  • For his part, Marc Jacobs offers a scratch draws joyful, uninhibited and trendy at the parade of his second line Marc By Marc Jacobs.
This summer, if we do not go so far to throw away his smock, the preferred proposals, however, unless the first degree, giving a striped unexpected twist. Be careful though to hazardous optical effects - sometimes magnifying - that can cause scratches.