the dress code of Models

Whether muses, muses or marathon podiums, the models have a knack for growing a pace where edgy personal inspirations and nods to the times to mix composed of relevant stylistic mix and match.

Constantly in contact with the must-have in the future, the models seem to have always one step ahead of trends. Therefore, it is often sufficient to analyze their dress code at the end of the parade in order to detect some of the highlights of next season.

Judging by the multitude of young ladies who have emerged from backstage dressed in opulent furs, we can already predict an increase in mink and other parts Fox next fall. That said, fake fur also tempting more and more tops (like Hyon Kang), we say that it is not surprising that many fashionistas also succumb to the hairs "Teddy Bear" from the first frosts of October.

For their part, the superpositions of all kinds more than ever on the rise: while Caroline Trentini and Ruby Aldridge focus of these pieces easier by opting for jackets and coats without sleeves, Hanne Gaby Odiel fun to juxtapose clothing to sizes, to emphasize the effortless draws its silhouette.

And if at the podium accessories darlings always seem much attracted by the latest born of high-end claws, some prefer their models for their more traditional bill, paving the way for bags more "fair trade" that "Avenue Montaigne."

Also note: the success of the famous boots fringed announced Isabel Marant. Despite a massive aspect a bit, they have indeed seen praised by fashion editors and acclaimed by the Brazilian Isabeli Fontana, who did not hesitate to "steal" its own pair after the parade ...

There is also a marked resurgence of army boots and other Doc Martens. It must be said that they have the advantage of facilitating the travel of these young women to schedule special emphasis, while providing a touch of cooliness significant.

Finally, if we are to believe the wardrobe of fashionable tops, it will not hesitate next September to highlight his coat Topshop faux fur, lace up a pair of rangers, to wear a bag crafted in Nicaragua and superimpose all-out three or four pieces of his wardrobe.