The python slim Kate Moss

If it is already guaranteed to create the event of the summer people by letting the knot on July 1, Kate Moss does not forget his duties as seasoned fashionista. The Glastonbury Festival was indeed an opportunity for her to plebiscite preview the future "it" trend "python" of school.

If we are to believe the latest fashion Chloe, Missoni or Prada, skins and other printed reptile should be to 2012 what accessories were fluorescent to 2011: a must.

It is thus no coincidence that the one usually prefers to cultivate a personal style free from fads attempt has left recently by calling Kaa by slipping into a slim printed in python. It was in Balmain jacket and skinny scaled the future Mrs. Hince, on a spree at the famous Glastonbury music festival, was recently seen.

Yes but now, it seems at first to flirt with the times, the choice of Kate Moss proves ultimately to light years from the sophisticated dress code enacted by the creators of perfectos glossy yellow with Frida Giannini coat 3/4 green water of Miuccia Prada.

To reach their full potential and to forget history sexy-cheap, printed python must indeed be combined in a way innovative and bold, while taking care to shun spandex, polyester and other materials chic little encouragement his conversion .

Those who have neither the popularity of Miss Moss, nor his ability to be forgiven a smile in any bad taste will gain So stay away from slim printed python. However, we will not hesitate to take advantage of the sales period to afford a reptilian part of good quality, they have every chance to live their heyday from the month of in October.