The large white jeans style

Launched by Dries Van Noten in the spring/summer 2011, a large white denim and ultra fast convince fashionistas, who seem to really appreciate the ability to chiciser in casual fashion whatever they needed.

Having proved - cigarette versions - as a basic trend smart and dandy with the cream of young women who are looking for stylish casual wear now in version white flare jeans are most likely to please our taste buds.

And if you beautiful model bench designed by Dries Van Noten will remain reserved for those with the opportunity to enjoy a limited fashion budget, this does not mean that the fashionista lambda able to see Jennifer wearing Neyt ( It is indeed enough for this to go look at Zara, where it is difficult without digging a perfectly lit white denim 'begging to be a cornerstone of the spring wardrobe up-to-date.

It must be said that the white flare to accompany all of the current trends: part of the total monochrome display, flattering the ego of neo-minimalist, wearing a neon pink belt and was married with a T-shirt Loose green apple, it will deal with blocks of color cooliness dictate, while a partner in a denim shirt and boho bags, she would secretly seventies.
It is also not hesitate to confront the other basics of our dressing room, the navy blue blazer with the sailor via China and gray sweat shirt.

Moreover, if the white jeans still suffers from having long been associated with moult flashy pieces (see the movement R'n'B bling bling), it will not necessarily be confined to mix and match wise ultra . In view of the parade Dries Van Noten, we say in effect that it will have no difficulties in getting married to a particular sweater with lurex.

Finally, point of view "shoes code," the white jeans will win - like all flare jeans long enough to cover a pair of heels - to be raised in order advantageously to refine the silhouette. However, the most slender can still wear it flat with a pair of sandals at the Proenza Schouler, to flatter his DNA effortless.