Pink style Spring/Summer 2011

Beautiful pink color remains a remarkable woman, do not lose this season at least part of its DNA-silly girly affection for Ken's fiancee. Indeed, it turns out neo-cool, chic or a few concepts that appear in the latest summer fashion...
Baby in the shade of pink through the variations sticky, pink has literally swept the spring/summer 2011. However, if the creations of fluorescent Christopher Kane & co have proved so desirable, it is primarily because they have managed to make this color one shade almost nerd.

Far from its very first degree aspirations girly, pink is therefore particularly popular this season designers, who affixed on figures as diverse as innovative.

Raf Simons (Jil Sander) and dares to treat him in sewing mode by injecting over long silk skirts familiar tones until sober. In doing so, it offers unprecedented sophistication to pink - between sketch and minimalism - flattering him perfectly.

In another style, the Scottish designer Christopher Kane telescope elegance of a modern lace and a pink acid to obtain a rare delicacy toilets and free from sentimentality.

Yes but now, the two creators have great reach give legitimacy to this smart and chic color stabilo (including young women eager to enlightened modernity would also be wrong to deny), that kind of mix and match bold and a bit concept does not risk unless you scare more than one.

However, other mutations seasonal pink were much more accessible...

One thinks especially of ultra light pink Isabel Marant overview in his dressing room seventies skater (in micro shorts and flared jeans' Pink Parisian designer has never appeared as cool), but also duo raspberry / pink chewing gum seen at DKNY, which allows the girly color of choice to gain legitimacy casual-trendy.

This season, we will not hesitate to deal with the pink color-block mode (for example, by opting for the association Zara pleated pants / caramel brogues / thin belt orange / white T-shirt loose), to inject to unisex pieces (blazer, shirt, etc ...) or to offer him a neo-urban draws by bringing it in monochrome.

It is also expected to decline in a cool, minimalist spirit by combining flare jean marcel pink and white blur, T-shirts and gray flannel chiné mini denim skirt or tutu pink shirt and maroon shorts micro crimson. The less bold on the other hand can simply boost a few looks a little too wise through neon pink accessories (belt, necklace, bag, etc ...).