The mini bag style

When a trend develops, it rarely burdened by a half measures. Thus, after the age of maxi bags and big bags, now advised him to leave the cabinet instead of capturing and displaying all the volume containing the trivial.

Unwittingly, the fashionista has gone through a period which he considers retrospection is blessed by the gods.

Indeed, if there is still a season it's quite normal to be able to slide simultaneously in his bag trilogy Apple (iPod, iPad, iPhone), a Moleskine notebook, a bottle of Coca Cola Light Lagerfeld and survival kits make up, soon may be forced back under serious conditions. Because if it seems time to re-pack, a presentation last spring / summer has definitely reversed this hypothesis by suggesting a total opposite.

Karl Lagerfeld has been visionary in 2007 by offering a mini bag ankle is more decorative than functional? In any case, what comes to mind when viewing the parade past, which is reduced to a trickle as the future of the bag volume.

If one believes that the proposed house Hermes, Chanel, Prada or Louis Vuitton (a trend known issues in the leather goods), wife of the year 2011 will indeed be a replica of Mary Poppins (capable of reducing the object to make them fit in a micro space), an android that is not necessary gadgets multifunctional parents.

In other words, it is difficult to imagine how Hermes Birkin micro or very small in the Louis Vuitton bag could get a podium and the reality of married women, as they do not seem suitable format for the last day.

However, this craze for skin microbes appear to have been recently taken over the streets. As bitten by the idea of ​​freedom of the neo bag, and fashionista already has been adopted in some fashion the last few weeks, this little bag can barely contain Chupa Chups handful.

However, upon reflection, they may not have completely lost their minds. While adhering to the religion of the first mini bags of all we have succeeded in distinguishing the essential from the superfluous and cumbersome to provide multiple addictions (Pepitos package in anticipation of troughs 11:00, carton of cigarettes duty-free, paved signed by Barbara Cartland, etc...) , the sacrifice of those few extra pounds will ultimately make us feel much freer than before.

That said, we will not hesitate to boycott the model with the volume is too small will not allow us to take the necessary trio iPhone / Freedent / Terracotta.