Fashion Trends 2011 - Street Style

As usual, Paris fashion week latest is an opportunity for fashionistas to send the dress code is fully in line with current trends, allowing us to compile a fairly comprehensive list in terms of style and the other gimmicks.
If one were to summarize in one word, the atmosphere is seen briefly last week in Paris asphalt, would be "Prada". It is true that in fur stoles neon, stripes and the Technicolor brogues offset (store version - with thick soles on parade - eventually prove desirable), Miuccia Prada - so far - one of the most inspiring fashion fair.

Pradiens leave their wealthy eccentric Boaz, do not hesitate to take the concept of the lines on the mix and match mode (as well as all printed at the time, such as peas Duos / tiles, maxi flower / stripes, etc ...). However, this trend is anything but sustainable; we follow the example of the girls’ past master in the art of deception scratched by a call to see the shot cuts piochées Prada at Zara.

Furthermore, Miuccia Prada, Christopher Kane and Raf Simons (Jil Sander) is also highly influenced looks seen on the edge of the Jardin des Tuileries. At first, it must be the resurrection and the details but the pink and yellow neon smooth acid did see them strike the delicate lace blouses and more subtle, making them more excited play.

For its part, but converted "it" girls look Crayola, Raf Simons is also capable of providing up to date wearing a white T-shirt. A crisp drama that fashion editors are quick to adopt, find a simple and effective way of laying eggs without risking too much with the color block trend. Not to mention the Plastic Bag Jil Sander, along with a bag-like commission, is easily given the status of "must have".

And when a beautiful model is not transparent s'entichèrent, usually either to adopt the latest version of greatness with Celine, for fun or to apply new insights into the pockets of code Gucci catwalk.

There is also the return of Balenciaga in the closet doll. At the end of the show, it's a lot of speed plebiscite néo-rock/grunge Parade Spring / summer 2011 Paris from home, a chance for all fans of the vines out of their boyish looks and Doc Martens.

Long reserved for bohemian or addicts, or pointing to a fashionista, a long skirt to imagine now in casual mode. Sometimes reaches mid-calf, sometimes sweeping the floor, usually wrinkled and slightly translucent, it is combined in every possible way: carbon (when it wants to be a bit dark), pastels (if it's lust blocks of color) or white (for married with any style).

If elegant trotting fashion this season continues to accumulate different bracelet on the wrist the same, this time with a clear preference for funky jewelry.

We note also the great success of the robes, eye glasses to mirrors, but the sandals of all kinds, often heated with thick colored socks (the latter serving as a pretext for a healthy dose of color up-to-date the most visible drunk).

Finally, if the radius of the hair code is always a tendency to release the hair, cut short and the small square in Arizona Muse also increased.