Converse + dress = good look?

Since the appearance in cocktail dress and Converse Kristen Stewart 2009 MTV Movie Awards, it seems certain that these two were definitely not made ​​for each other. It was, however, before Scott Schuman decides plebiscites repeatedly.

Known and recognized for his images of elegance gorged revealing subtle looks, gorgeous silhouettes and faces charismatic, American Scott Schumann is known as a person enter the aura of a personality, a classy place, looks like a not known. At 43, the man can claim to have made ​​his blog the bible of many players in the fashion world.

Last feat to date: having succeeded in making the controversial duo Dress / Converse the new singer a cool nonchalance and feminine. While in summer, wearing the Converse often leads to improbable optical illusions (the effect of "palm" is multiplied by the association saw All Stars / bare legs), that those shoes were annoyingly trend required to accompany the no-look, and a partner in a dress, the Chuck Taylor can quickly become prohibitive, he will in fact sufficient to Schumann as few shots to succeed where Miss Stewart had failed.

It must be said that instead of involving the restive Converse to a pseudo mini skirt sexy baby doll with a pin-up or a tight dress revealing plainly the knee, the beautiful immortalized by The Sartorialist had the good idea to marry her to cut boho patterns in some subjects ultra smooth fluid bearing for Women. Accentuating the energy of these looks pretty effortless and serving romantic coolness of these young women (and without clich├ęs), the conversion is then more boho credibility.

In other words, do not hesitate to enjoy a ride at Rock en Seine, on the banks of the Canal Saint Martin in the corridors of Paul Bert market to match our Conversion to semi-long coat evanescent.