Black pants fashion

It's a secret that the success of a silhouette is often the result of a mix between trendy attire, personal discoveries and timeless basics. Now, among these, the black pants is more than ever face must-have.
Season after season, the process is immutable: new trends emerge, while others pass away in the general indifference, at the same time, new titles of "it" or "must have" are awarded, while d others are quickly resumed. Connected directly on the pulse of fashion, trendsetter and try to follow the race as frantic as schizophrenic.

Yet it is clear that the trends dictated by the runways are found only partially in the looks edgy young women immortalized by streetstylers: When the girls flirt with the times, it is indeed generally bit by bit, their outfits are largely composed of basic parts soberly chic (or smart casual), like some slims carbon, leather leggings and other licorice pleated trousers slate.

It is true that once slipped into one of these pants, these followers of the "Less is more" often do more than to find a room large and boost an entire zest trendiness and a touch of nonchalance to catch the eye of Tommy Ton on a spree.

In other words, those who want to be able to cope easily draws looks ranging from effortless sophistication and light would be wrong to overlook one or two lower coal of good quality.

In practice, the skinny leather appreciate the company of a loose jersey chanelienne topped with a jacket, a pair of ballet shoes and a trendy "it" bag scratched, while the slim ebony - preferably worn short on the ankle - will be boosted by a white T-shirt, a necklace a little light, a jacket worn over the shoulders in a cape, a pair of flat ankle boots and a vintage bag.

For its part, the pants may opt for a male silhouette falsely nonchalant between fuzzy white shirt, mini bag and sandals rockabilly, or to play it discreetly sporty/minimalist with low waist by a black body almost translucent (suggesting a bra coal), all mixed in a pair of sneakers leopard, tribal jewelry and a bag rigid retro-bourgeois.