Dianna Agron, fashion faux pas

Not easy for the series Glee cheerleader smart to exist outside its image as a prom queen: the city displays an unusual coloring and uncertain, Dianna Agron certainly managed to distance himself from the character, but not without scratching its credibility in the through mode

If during his official appearances, the young actress seems perfectly master the rules of dress-code Hollywood (slipping into the toilet turns retro chic or glamorous as hell) daily Dianna Agron clearly prefers to play it effortless.

Certainly driven by the desire to do battle with the "very cliché" Quinn Fabray (the character she plays in the series aired on Fox), the best friend and co-star Lea Michele seems to take malicious pleasure to reconnect with the hippie style of his youth spent in the suburbs of San Francisco.

Recently, Miss Agron did not hesitate to inject a healthy dose of pink Dragibus his blond Californian, to adorn themselves with sunglasses rondissimes and involve his eternal ballerinas to hippisantes lengths (see here and here).

Yes but now, by wanting to play it casual style, the young woman ended up crossing the yellow line separating the fashion faux pas ...

The hair loosely tie and dye, Dianna Agron and appeared to be a concert by the English singer Adele dressed in a robe all translucent / cheap leggings totally unacceptable. Held a dull little becomingly and falsely trendy, far from the embryo of coolness informed that it was thought to detect the girlfriend of Sebastian Stan (Gossip Girl).