Freja Beha & Anja Rubik for H & M

The most popular brand of the year 16/18 - H & M - has launched a new ad campaign. Photographed by Terry Richardson is hype, features two models of the most vulnerable at this time: Anja Rubik and Freja Beha.

Collaborations and linking masstige prestigious shoots (including the casting is sometimes worthy of the pages of Vogue), H & M has continued in recent years to democratize the codes of luxury. Yes but now, by dint of borrowing toys and other favorite Chanel Isabel Marant, the Swedish giant has finally passed through one of the most unfortunate of the world of luxury: the plebiscite of extreme thinness.

For his last campaign, H & M has in fact found nothing more trendy than succumbing to the aura of bankable chanelienne Freja Beha - whose body weight has continued to melt since its inception in modeling - and the filiform Anja Rubik (which is the backbone of today's most secret). And if we can not objectively comment on the health of these young women, it is clear that the image they refer is not the most healthy.

All are smiling Anja Rubik and Freja Beha on shots of Terry Richardson, their members are not in fact no less close to their faces rickets and more emaciated than reason. But as a teacher of general circulation exerting a major influence on the fairer girl, H & M can not afford a decent advocating a model of beauty as unreal as unhealthy.

And if we do not doubt that most of the girls who will face these leaner silhouettes Evanescence will take the necessary distance, hard to deny the influence of such images on the unconscious of future adults .
By reproducing the large-scale world of fashion does not make sense in practice the lack of benchmarks for the debate about the morphology of the model was dismissed out of hand by the intelligentsia connected, H & M shows a lack of accountability of the patent. A general criticism may be allowed to remind him that we can not do anything because you want to play around with the hype.