Louis Vuitton launches a new winter collection

Never short of ideas, Louis Vuitton launches a new winter capsule collection consists of seven parts, with the aim of materializing "The ABC of style Louis Vuitton." Called icons, it would, however, struggled to draw attention without the delicious sketch of the now inevitable Garance Doré.
Given the quasi-schizophrenic woman's wardrobe of Louis Vuitton, hard to see it every day to choose parts casual and uneventful. Yet the message is trying to deliver this month's Paris shoe, editing seven models supposed to be the "basis of a modern wardrobe."

And if on paper, the project seemed more qu'alléchant (the prospect of a handful of basics twisted by madness Marc Jacobian was indeed enough to make our taste buds salivating), the result is unfortunately disappointing.

From a double-breasted waistcoat too short to be really cozy with a jog for American transit through a cardigan "Zara" and a denim "Gap", the contents of these recalled products Icons airports acronyms and tasteless (the parka alone, the preterite and slim leather could possibly stay on the doors of Marc by Marc Jacobs). To believe that the muse of the brand would be far wiser, consensual and predictable than what we could imagine.
Icons would be almost certainly passed unnoticed if Louis Vuitton had had the happy idea of ​​combining his project the stroke of a pen of Garance Doré. After passing through the filter of the bride girly pointed the Sartorialist, parts of the mini effect collection appear almost desirable. Not to mention the visibility that the young woman is likely to bring to that collection, each of its collaborations is widely reported seeing on the internet.

In deciding to afford the services of a reliable values ​​of the canvas, Louis Vuitton should reach to minimize the negative impact that the styling more than simplistic icons will lead for sure. Private Louis Vuitton basics attractive, it only remains for us therefore to console us with refreshing images of Miss Golden (see here, here and there). Too bad they are not portable.