The Irish sweater - always on top

Star of last winter, the Irish pull does not seem ready to desert the landscape fashion. It is true that it enjoys a popularity rating to the envy of any display must have more than 12 months old at the hype meter.

Since they were brought up to date by the label Gerard Darel (via a reissue of the famous sweater worn by Marilyn Monroe twist in "The Millionaire"), Irish woolens literally invaded Ready-to-wear and dressings. Seduced by the sweetness of the casual carrying parts and roots of authenticity chic fashionista hesitate because the more massive plebiscite, and that whatever the season.

Admittedly, the flagship model of the moment has to take some distance from his grandfather: the mesh has been simplified (making himself sometimes fantasy, sometimes colored), while the volume of the sweater itself has declined. Lighter than in the past, it can therefore easily acclimate to the temperatures fall or summer.

It has recently been brilliantly complement the range of boho cool Rachel Bilson, flirting with the pretty pink mini shorts must Isabel Marant or what to make of relaxation in a preppy Combishort Sartorialist's girl.

In other words, in this amazing piece ultra basic intended to warm the skippers of the Figaro, the Irish sweater ended up a solid reputation of "it" timeless must-have, like the little black dress , the perfect jean, the sailor or the navy blue blazer.

Those wishing to obtain a final proof of its durability fashion will also take a look at the collections Chloe J. Crew and Burberry Prorsum, not to mention the different lookbooks A / W 2011-2012 claws of some highly prized by fashionistas. Now unavoidable, the Irish pull more than ever a place in the most edgy looks.