Kate Winslet in Stella McCartney

They usually rhyme with red carpet, Veuve Clicquot and toilet glamorous film festivals are nonetheless rarely free from fashion faux pas. Driven by the desire to shine a thousand lights before the elite of cinema, actresses have indeed unfortunate tendency to forget the basic rules of common sense style, like Kate Winslet and her unusual dress skinny in the last Venice Film Festival.

At a time when the film feels more and more difficult to make recipe, the promotion phase is more than ever essential. A service that the actors must ensure that calls Colgate smile and hip outfits, so as to attract maximum potential viewers.

And if in the case of Kate Winslet, the beautiful came not present at the Venice Film Festival feature film, but a mini series called "Mildred Pierce", the principle remains the same: to radiate the photographers to attract the attention to their news. However, choosing a sleeve length twelve o'clock too sexy first degree (all be it Stella McCartney), the face of LancĂ´me has clearly missed its effect.

The white yoke of the bodice - leveraging the volume of the latter - and the games cutting into slimming give effect to all of the silhouette a look unreal proportions distorted. Far from flattering silhouette of the pulpy concerned, this dress gives it ultimately draws a caricature as massive.

So a false note in the course of the lovely Kate fashion, which used to deftly handle the ultra tight, this time has erred on the side of confidence in the designer who recently came to the sublime in the after-party the New York premiere of Mildred Pierce.